Brand Identity

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.

The biggest struggle of most SMBs is to get leads and conversions, and if you are also struggling with a similar problem, then worry not, we have the perfect solution for you. iConnect specializes in building brand identity. We identify and recognize your business values, goals, and aims while making sure that they reflect in your brand’s identity.

We make sure your brand presence speaks for itself. We have worked with startups and built their brand identity gradually and slowly as their business models evolved with time. We’ve also re-branded Large-Scale Enterprises according to modern design guidelines.

Have a brand identity crisis is a common problem which many startups and small businesses face. Therefore, our team of seasoned professionals ensures that your brand’s identity is built around your business, so it becomes self-explanatory for potential customers.

Why is Brand identity important?

Just as your identity is important and makes you different from other individuals, your brand’s identity is the secret recipe of your business that sets you apart from everyone else. The colors you pick, the fonts you use, and the message you display will be the first impression of your company, and half of the customers will decide right here either to do business with your company or not. If your brand’s identity is appealing, you’ve used vivid colors, a personalized logo with a message with speaks out and answers the very concern of most customers, then you’ll have a solid chance at scoring big deals through your brand’s identity.

This is where iConnects comes in. We make sure that your brand reflects your business values. It uniquely tells your story while making sure that your products or services are made clear to the viewer at the very first glance.

Your Brand Identity is the Extension of Your Core Values

Your brand’s identity is the manifestation of your aim, goals, and the mission of your company. The image of your brand is the very catalyst that sparks the feeling you’d want your clients and customer to experience every time they have an interaction with your company. Your brand is your North Star, which will help in establishing the values of your business while guiding every step you take.

iConnect is the leading digital marketing agency in Saudi Arabia that excels at building brand identities. We understand the value of your brand’s identity; that’s why our team of professionals will craft your brand in such a way that speaks for itself.



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